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My Name is Jacob Erdei and I am the founder of family of websites. Owned and operated by Brain Box Consultants LLC.  Brain Box Consultants LLC was started in Early 2009 and used to be a sole proprietorship dating back to 2004.  Due to growth of the business the business entity changed into an LLC.

As a family owned business I understand that every customer is vital to our success and without them I would not be able to put food on the table.

I play a very active role in the company.  Taking orders and answering phones is a requirement of everyone who works with and its wholly owned subsidiary websites.

We try to answer every call during normal business hours and if we are left a message you will get a call back in a timely fashion,  Even if you state you need to return an item.  Getting customer service from many ecommerce stores can be like pulling teeth.  I want you to have a great experience with us so you will consider us for your next purchase.

Address: 4232 Cypress Ct, Auburn AL 36830
Phone Number: 623-570-8655