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Delivery Time Frame

Delivery Time Frame

In most cases all orders are processed with-in 1-2 working days. Once an item has been shipped a tracking number is sent to the purchasers e-mail. From there you will be able to track the shipping of the item.

Delivery time can vary widely depending on the size and distance your product has to travel. For smaller dollar items they are usually shipped out quickly but for large furniture purchases it may take an extra day to pull the shipping together and because of the weight they will be shipped ground freight and this can take 1-2 weeks for an item to be delivered.

If an item becomes out of stock and a back order of the item needs to be placed, the product will take longer to be shipped out. In these cases you can expect a phone call letting you know the options you have and an estimated time line for the delivery of the item.

Some items in the store are marked as specialty items and in these cases shipping time is shown in the listing. These are often times customizable options that need to be created and built to custom specifications.